Can You Recognize These 5 Early Signs of Dementia? It Could Mean Better Treatment

Can You Recognize These 5 Early Signs of Dementia? It Could Mean Better Treatment

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Knowing the early signs of dementia could mean an earlier diagnosis and better treatment. Here are a few common dementia symptoms to look for in yourself and your loved ones.


Dementia is a terrible disease that involves memory loss and the loss of cognitive abilities that interfere with daily life. It is something that no one should have to go through—either as the one suffering from the disease or as someone taking care of someone with the disease—but the reality is that this disease is common. However, before dementia develops into a more progressive form, like Alzheimer’s disease, it begins as a collection of symptoms.


Look for these symptoms if you suspect that you or a loved one are at risk for dementia.


Short-Term Memory Loss


When dementia begins to affect a person, one of the first symptoms that often presents itself is short-term memory loss. As one of the early signs of dementia, short-term memory loss is often difficult to notice. Someone with dementia may be able to remember something from years ago without any problem but still have trouble remembering where they placed their car keys.


Changes in Mood or Personality


It’s not always easy to recognize the early signs of dementia in yourself, but you may be able to help a loved one get the help they need. Changes in mood or personality are two symptoms that fit that description.


Even small shifts, including short periods of depression or changes in talkativeness, could signal the beginnings of the disease.


Difficulty Performing Simple Tasks


We often take for granted our ability to complete tasks like balancing a checkbook, playing boardgames, and even routine hygiene. With dementia, these seemingly simple tasks can pose serious challenges. Additionally, those with the disease may also have difficulty learning new tasks or following instructions.




It might seem like an endearing quirk but saying or doing things over and over again is actually a sign of memory loss. When you are speaking or spending time with a loved one, take note if they begin to ask the same questions, tell the same stories, or repeat tasks unnecessarily.




One of the early signs of dementia that many people know about but is critical to mention here is confusion. Forgetting faces or names, misplacing items, having trouble finding the right words—these symptoms could signal that dementia is in its early stages.


If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or your loved one, it is important to talk to a doctor. Though the disease does not have a cure, early detection and treatment can slow its progression, which could mean a higher quality of life for much longer.


Are You or Someone You Love Displaying the Early Signs of Dementia? Time for a Checkup


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